09 March, 2017

The OptiOrange regatta on the Optimist class yachts started in Valencia.

The international OptiOrange regatta has started in the facilities of Real Club Nautico yacht club in Valencia today.

The regatta was organized by Sailing Academy of St. Petersburg Yacht Club. According to the idea of the organizers, this winter event will be held on a regular basis and will unite young European athletes annually. 62 young athletes from Russia and Spain came to race in this regatta on the Optimist class yachts this year.

The name OptiOrange was chosen not accidentally, because the tastiest oranges grow in this region of Spain. By the way, a small orange, which was called Naranjito, has become the mascot of the regatta.

The racing committee managed to organize three great races today and the guys from Sailing Academy took leadership from the very start.

“I didn't like my result in the first race, - said the yachtsman Arkadiy Karmanov from Sailing Academy. – When I finished on the 11-th place, I wasn't lucky to implement my plan for the race, but I am satisfied with the my results in other races, I was on the 2nd and 1st place.”

Maxim Shaposhnikov leads the overall standing, Matteo Cadonero is on the second place, Carlos Espi – on the third, Arkadiy Karmanov – on the forth.

“That was a good day, our guys started to race with confidence, says the trainer of Valencia Yacht Club Javier Dusmet. – We have not finished on the first place so far and we were outraced by the strong guys from Russia, but it’s all right. Only this year, my sportsmen reached the A level, they are young, they want to study and we will definitely fight for the prizes.”

The regatta was held for the first time and it’s a test, but according to the first impressions and emotions of the participants, everybody likes the weather and the program on shore. As the trainer of Sailing Academy Denis Razumovich said, “Valencia is a very good place, sailing conditions are great here, the infrastructure is good, food is wonderful, the weather is good, the sun is shining and the most important thing is that the wind is always good here. I think that we should go to such places more often and I am very happy with everything that happens here”.

All the sportsmen enjoyed sweet orange juice and The regatta will finish on Sunday, on March 11.

7 March Arrival of sportsmen

8 March 11:00 - 15:00 – Training races

9 March – Opening of regatta
10:00 – Opening ceremony
12:00-15:00 – First racing day
16:00 – Yachtsman’s lunch

10 March 12:00-15:00 – Second racing day
16:00 – Yachtsman’s lunch
17:00 – Tour to the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències)

11 March 11:00-15:00 – Third racing day
16:00 – Awarding ceremony
19:00 – Regatta's gala-dinner

11 March - Departure of sportsmen

According to the idea of the organizers, this regatta shall become a great platform for experience sharing between trainers and young sportsmen, as well as for trainings in winter period in the wonderful conditions of Spanish seaside.