28 February, 2019

What is ZUMEX?

ZUMEX® is a strategic partner of reference for the development of the juice business and a world leader for more than three decades in design and manufacture of innovative solutions for the fruit and vegetable squeezing.

A leadership forged thanks to its squeezing Original System, which allows for a maximum quantity of juice while avoiding contact to the peel which guarantees quality, flavour and hygiene in the juice.

ZUMEX® is present in over 100 countries through a large network of distributors as well as its subsidiaries (United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, France and Germany), which provide reinforcement to it headquarters located in Spain (Moncada-Valencia)


Why do we support Optiorange?

One of our core values as a company is to encourage in society a healthy lifestyle, specially through nutrition and sport.

Thanks to the partnership with Optiorange Valencia, we can reach young athletes who already have a healthy lifestyle and promote the consumption of fruit with the most innovative squeezing solutions.

Seeking the final objective that within the days of intense sporting activity, the juice becomes an extra contribution of vitamins, energy and fun.