10 March, 2017

The Second Day of OptiOrange Tested Young Sportsmen with Squally Wind

The second day of OptiOrange international regatta brought two more exciting races to young sportsmen, which scores were counted, and a very interesting race at the end of the day, which was stopped 30 meters before the finish, but first things first.

Young sportsmen charged themselves with Vitamin C in the morning, as the sweetest oranges in the world grow here in Valencia, and approximately at noon the sportsmen went afloat. The first race took place with 8-knot wind and the fight for places in Top Four reached rock button.

Two Russians and two Spanish sportsmen had almost the same scores – Maxim Shaposhnikov, Arkadiy Karmanov, Carlos Espi, and Mateo Codoner. The fifth race, the wind becomes stronger up to 12 knots, the main judge comes to a media-boat and warns that a cyclone with 30-40-knot wind is approaching us, being approximately 100 km to the North-West away from us. But it’s a child’s play for the sportsmen, the race starts and 62 sportsmen go to a distance. Shaposhnikov and Karmanov share the first place, two Spaniards – the third. Mateo Codoner wins, Shaposhnikov is the second, and Karmanov fails and comes seventh.

Stormy flashes on the horizon accompany the start of the last race; Arkadiy Karmanov starts greatly and goes first to a distance. Unfortunately, the judging panel decides to start a rescue mission 30 meters before the finish and the race finishes. “We started the third race very well, a very strong storm started to approach us really quickly and we decided to finish the race for the safety of guys, - the main judge of the regatta Maria Tarijo said. – The wind became weaker, started to chaotically change directions, and then the storm came very quickly. The speed of wind was about 15 meters per second, it is really a lot for our sportsmen”.

Before the last day, Maxim Shaposhnikov leads among elder boys, Arkadiy Karmanov is second with 5 points difference between them, then there is Carlos Espi with the same number of points as the second place, Mateo Codoner lags one point behind him.

The participants of regatta had a tasty dinner, and in the evening all the sportsmen were taken to Valencia Aquarium. It was the right decision of the organizers, because it is important to relax before the last day of regatta to demonstrate great results later on.

We look forward to the finals tomorrow. Awarding ceremony will take place, when the races finish, approximately at 5 p.m. on Sunday March 11, 2018.